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Breathing the Sacred back into Birth, Death, and everything in between.....

We are a community of medicine womben who are passionate about returning initiation rites to humanity for collective healing.  We believe that our sacred service lies in bringing healing to families by reconnecting souls to the elements within and around us.  Through a rekindled intimacy with self and spirit, we can birth a more healed planet to pass to our children.

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Sacred pregnancy

Pregnancy is a major life event for any woman regardless of how much attention they give to the experience.  Our Holistic Pregnancy: Empowered Birth course wishes to celebrate and honor this experience in a deeper manner, by guiding any women who wishes to embark on the journey of self knowledge, to treat this as a portal to the innermost dimension of reality.  This course provides a map for navigating wounding patterns from ones past and family lineage. These wounds directly effect a person’s experience of life which can become amplified during labor, birth, and the postpartum period.


Acknowledgement of these wounding patterns discovered through the cultivation of self awareness can support a person to loosen the identification with victim stories that can often emerge when trauma occurs.  Trauma is defined as a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.  The medicalization of birth and the cultural disconnection of women from nature has led to many traumatic births for women through the ages. This course work intends to promote healing of past trauma and increase awareness of present wounding, in order to prevent future trauma from occurring especially in and around the time of birth.

“When someone asks me for recommendations of things that really helped me in my pregnancy and birth, the first thing I mention is the Elemental Birth Rites Holistic Pregnancy: Empowered Birth Course journey. I can’t even begin to articulate all of the ways this experience assisted me in my pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience. From the first module, I found myself entering such a potent guided exploration of all aspects of the journey ahead. I experienced deep healing through the different modules, working with my own inner child, the mother and father archetypes within and without, and each of the elements. As each module came along, I would notice that my life was serendipitously providing me experiences to work with the material on many levels. “

~Melissa, Mother

Holistic Pregnancy: Empowered Birth Testimonial
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Pregnancy as a Sacred Rites of Passage

The Healed Healer is the archetype needed at this time to honor the sacredness of sitting at the gateway of birth/death.  Midwives, doulas, and birth attendants must awaken to the depth of their calling by doing their own personal work to be able to hold a clear container to guide parents approaching the initiation of birth.

Elemental Birth Rites offers 9 month immersive Sacred Birth Keeper Practitioner trainings to support individuals wishing to support birthing families to transform how maternity care and holistic health are approached.  Our work begins in our own self healing first to prepare ourselves to be able to hold impeccable space for those preparing for a birth ceremony.  Through a well crafted healing container and working through ancestral patterns of wounding, birth keepers gain new insight and awareness into the delicately spiritual and profound effects of knowing self as a foundation for providing service to humanity.

We hold sacred the feminine arts and walk hand in hand in sisterhood to uplift the field of tending birth through this work.  We wish to uplift families and incoming babies into a more conscious world and believe that personal healing leads to collective healing.

Elemental Birth Rites is an experience every birth worker should enter on their journey through birth. We cannot be fully present to another, much less a family birthing a new life, if we are not first present to ourselves, and this is the gift of the practice of EBR. This is not another average “how to” birth worker course, this is self-exploration within the realms of birth work so you come out better equipped to shine the light on the path of pregnancy and birth for the families you support who want a meaningful experience. The gatherings, rituals and reflections of each module bring the learnings to life more like ceremonies than classes, and the beautiful souls who guide the journey create a safe and sacred container for deep and powerful growth. This is the true art and heart of birth work, the medicine I believe our great, great grandmothers would share with us.

~Tristin, Natural Birth Compass Program

Sacred Birth Keeper Testimonial

Explore our Medicine Wheel

Our Elemental Birth Rites community centers around ancestral healing and the following  medicine wheel provides the structure of how we journey through healing within both our Holistic Pregnancy: Empowered Birth Course as well as our Sacred Birth Keeper Practitioner Training

MODULE 1: Aligning With Your Journey

Welcome to your pregnancy! You are entering a very unique portal of transformation as you grow your baby and live towards your birth. You have access to the most powerful archetypes of creation during this time.

Pregnancy as the Initiation Preparation

MODULE 2: Honoring The Universal Mother

In this module, you will explore your relationship to your mother; what you want to leave behind, what you want to hold on to and pass down as you step into the role of new mother.

The Blossoming of the Mother
The grounding force of Fatherhood

MODULE 3: Honoring The Universal Father

Here you will explore your relationship to your father, what you want to leave behind, what you want to hold on to and pass down and how your needs for support can be directly communicated and met through your relationships.

Sacred Offering
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MODULE 4: Honoring Your Heart

Explore your resistances and learn how to resource yourself. You will learn to connect to your needs and make space for the innocent, vulnerable aspects of yourself that only want to be heard and loved.

MODULE 5: Arrive In The Present Moment

In this module, you will explore the element of Air through the breath. Learn to call upon the breath to ground you into your self awareness and support you when you are triggered

Wings to Heaven

MODULE 6: Feeling Emotions As Water

Call upon the emotions to inform you of your wounding, where it lives in your body and how you can learn to flow through your emotions with presence.

Ritual Bath with Roses

MODULE 7: Grounding Into Earth

Call upon the physical body to show you where you are blocked, deliver the messages of the spirit manifested through physical symptoms, and inform you how you can treat your body as the living temple that it is.

Earth Offering

MODULE 8: Igniting The Fire of Trust

Aligning with the Fire as a tool to call your spirit into yourself you are creating space and time for the inner fire of the spirit to be tended with fierceness and compassion.

Fire of Transformation

MODULE 9: The Crystalline Vision

Call upon the Ether to guide you in your thinking, help you make choices, and ultimately determine what you say and do when you are steering the ship instead of your unconsciousness.

Crystalline Structure

MODULE 10: Integration of the Journey

As you are almost upon your birth, it’s time to tie it all together and deeply tune in with the tools you have found most helpful for the upcoming birthing ceremony and beyond.

Online Course Steps

The Elemental Birth Rites Team


We hope this course offering will prepare parents to see their role as more than a biological imperative and to awaken to the task of ushering in a new time starting with healing our relationship to self. Our prayer for this offering is that it may support the evolution of consciousness on this planet and contribute to creating beauty and wholeness for the future generations.

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