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What is Ritual?

Ritual is a practice of commemorating a moment to help ground it into reality. Ritual works to bring spiritual concept down onto the earth plane by utilizing the elements of nature. Ritual can bridge a mental affirmation, a spiritual intention, or an emotional release into our experience in a more integrated way by combining the 5 senses, the elements, and our presence. All that is needed to do a ritual is an intention, a moment in time of presence, and one of the elements of nature. Some rituals are routine meaning we practice them often and some are done to intentionally support change, letting go, sending prayers or asking for support from spirit, or to commemorate a goal or wish.

Common routine rituals you may already enjoy:

  • Stretching in the morning upon awakening to take a moment to connect with your physical body, address any aches and pains, increase blood circulation, and practice a moment of self care, self love and checking in.

  • Enjoying a hot beverage in the morning. Preparing a coffee or a tea and taking time to enjoy the warm liquid on your mouth and throat and into your belly. Being quiet while you enjoy the simple pleasure of being present and taking time to savor the moment.

The purpose as you can see of ritual can be as simple as providing yourself an opportunity to experience the simplicity of human being in place of human doing. Rituals are activities that exist outside of utilitarian functioning that support connection to the self, help us to slow down, and learn and practice presence. Rituals that we will be engaging on through this journey are meant to ground your spiritual work into the 3-D plane or earth plane. Rituals practiced along the path of preparing for the ceremony of birth provide felt experiences and moments of practice for you to be in a state of intentionality, allowing, presence, and purpose. These rituals are ways to co-create magic with the universe by connecting the unseen(spirit world) and seen (physical earth plane) before your birthing time. The metaphor of woman as Bridge of these two worlds is made apparent through her ability to bring the unseen(creator of new life) to the seen(birthing your child).

You will notice that making lists is incorporated into our practices often. The reason why this technique is helpful is that it utilizes the active part of our being that constantly has a to do list and gives it a spiritual purpose. Often when I am overwhelmed by life, if I make a list of what needs my attention, it helps clarify what I need to focus on and helps me to be present with each item listed instead of making a mountain out of a mole hill. When you can move mental energy out of the mind and bring it into the physical plane, it becomes easier to work with and can help the mind to relax once it is written as the action of writing serves as a mean of releasing it and stopping the never ending looping that our minds engage in. This is also why journaling is so helpful in our process, it moves the energy out of the mind and gives the emotions and spirit more space to feel and move with the release of thoughts or memories we are writing down. Also, the physical act of writing on paper brings a mental concept into the earth plane by means of having written word you can hold in your hand, bury in the ground, burn after writing, place on your alter, as well as the ability to return to a physical material if you have it recorded in your journal.

There is no wrong way to practice ritual so I invite you to create your own as well. Perhaps you want to declutter your home or room, this can become a ritual that supports you in your internal cleaning and clearing out. Maybe you want to prepare a meal as a ritual, praying over it and infusing it with intention. Preparing a self care ritual with an herbal bath, a self massage, and a meditation or yoga practice can be amazing. Rituals associated with the phases of the moon are wonderful and can further amplify your prayer or intention. Try doing a ritual on the new moon to set intentions or pray for something you want to manifest while using the energy of the full moon to create ritual for celebrating successes, acknowledging answered prayers and expressing gratitude for what you have. There are no limits to how you can use this practice to cultivate self awareness and bring consciousness into your life activities. The most important aspects are your presence and attention to whatever it is you are creating a ritual for.

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