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Ritual As Alchemy

We are all spiritual beings having a physical experience

What is alchemy??

Alchemy is turning based metals (experience) into gold (spiritual significance)

All of our emotional experiences; suffering, pain, meaning, pleasure, sadness, joy, anger, forgiveness, confusion, and understanding are fuel for our soul’s purpose.  We each arrive at our birth with a purpose and our life’s experiences align us with this soul mission or life lesson.  As we grow, we gradually forget more and more why we are here on earth and it is our journey to reconnect to ourselves and to remember why we came to earth.

Ritual is one way to reconnect with your soul as it engages all part of ourselves to arrive and connect with the elements within and without as tools for uncovering our truth.  By calling in the body(earth), emotions(water), thoughts (air), and spirit (fire) to our ritual practice, we unlock the 5th element of possibility and magic (ether).  We can use ritual to turn any emotional milestone, personal challenge, marking of an end or beginning, or spiritual celebration, into a ritual to connect to our soul and bring spiritual meaning to our lives.  Think of birthday parties, weddings, divorces, graduations, baby showers, births, funerals, etc. as these all represent cultural rituals that may or may not be meaningful to you.  The work here is in bringing ritual to our everyday life as a way to deepen our experience of our day to day and connect to a more personalized spiritual thread that runs through each individuals existence.


Spirituality is a deeply personal experience for each person and because ritual is customizable, once you understand the basic elements required, you can create rituals for anything in your life to support your deepening and connection to source.  Since we have direct access to our personal experiences, they become the center of our ritual, which helps us to bring meaning  to our lives.  Ritual gives us the opportunity to honor our unique journey by providing time and space to experience how our life events connect us to our soul’s mission.  When a spiritual practice is so deeply personalized, as in the practice of creating ritual, it helps us find relevance and receive support from our higher self and to revel in our dance with the mystery.  Anyone can create a ritual that has meaning to them in their life, I hope I can inspire you to connect to this wonderful practice.

The three most important aspects of Ritual are:

  1. Intention-Determine a goal or theme of why you are creating a ritual to give it more focus and potency.  Don’t overthink it or feel that a simple intention is not worthy of a ritual.  For instance, it can be as simple as “I wish to slow down and savor this moment” or as grand as ” I am releasing all energetic cords to a past partner”.   You can set intentions of what you want to create, what you want to end, how you want to feel, or for some thing as simple as connecting to yourself.

  2. Current Experience-Choose an intention that relates directly to your present experience to bring more significance to the ritual.  By connecting your ritual to a relevant subject that feels alive for you, you can learn to show up with your whole self instead of going through the motions and moving from the mental or automatic parts of the self.

  3. Time & Love– Presence and honoring have so much to do with creating  a sacred atmosphere in your ritual.  Take time to be present and connect to the unseen and learn to practice honoring which can look different for each person.  Some of the ways I connect to Honoring are through stillness, silence, making offerings, expressing gratitude or reverence, and prayer in the form of song or spoken.

Reflection questions:

  1. What does honoring look like for you?

  2. What is a ritual that you have experienced that had meaning for you?

  3. What is a ritual you would like to create?

Leave reflections in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!

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