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Receiving Divine Counsel From My Womb

In a recent journey, led by a wise crone, I was guided to ask my Womb what is needed for me at this time on this planet. I listened quietly. Waited patiently for her wisdom. Finally, She spoke to me: We are ready. You are ready. To Serve. To Serve.

At first, this message registered in the way that I/we are ready to serve more (Birthing) women, in greater and grander capacities. But when I listened again, I felt her communicating that I misunderstood her message, and would need to be still and listen again. Deeper, darker, slower, softer, it needed to be heard with still more stillness. Ah!

Now I could hear and f e e l the vibration of her message; What form of service and from whom she was talking about. The readiness and service was not for others. But for M E. Of course! Here I’ve been getting very good, perfecting the art of being ready to serve others and essentially everything outside of me, but myself.

So begins the remembering of how to be in deep, dedicated, pure service to my sacred Womb. Practicing, embodying, remembering, that I am  w o r t h y  of receiving the LOVE I extend to others. The hours of active listening, ceremonial flower baths, body oiling and massage, deep rest, handmade gifts, guided meditations, hugs, story telling, herbal infusions, breastfeeding, nourishment and so on….there is permission for me to divulge in these offerings I give so freely to others. I can provide and be my own refuge, container, balm, and it won’t take away anything from the ones I care for and care deeply about.

I am looking forward to the discomfort that comes with restructuring and being in allowance of the death of my old ways.  This captive lifestyle is hollow, it’s the lie thrush unto me/womben, that caring for others will remedy our depletion, our loneliness, our inadequacies, our wounds, our indecision, our rage, our sadness, our longing to be cherished, treasured, admired, acknowledged, revered!  We can’t neglect ourselves. This must stop. This cycle of neglect is destructive. Running the well dry will not beget more precious water. We must remind ourselves of this when we find ourselves in this destructive pattern of disregard the restorative power of self-preservation. Let’s embrace and offer the remedy of soothing, healing, and radical acceptance. The reframe must be that I want – I NEED to heal more – receive more – in order to be soothed deeper – to receive the delicious sweets and candies that will come to my soul. 

The reprogramming begins within ourselves. Our little microcosm. Moving from one sacred task to another. One contraction and expansion at a time. We deserve recognition and we must first provide this recognition through and to ourselves, with the divine guidance of our Womb. We must reclaim and remember Mothers are orchestrating the most sacred and potent work. Can we agree that a Mother’s Work and her moment to moment care and attention, is perhaps far more superior than that of a paycheck? The unending hours of worry, prayers, unseen, unwaged, invisible, undervalued work is what facilitates the growth of our precious continuation. We must not make the mistake of underestimating the power of the mundane. It is Vital. WE are Vital. To our children, our families, our communities, our planet! We can reclaim our worth by simply bringing awareness, consciousness, gratitude and awe to each and every moment we are in service. Each completed task, no matter abstract or tangible, is an opportunity to genuflect to ourselves and our magnificence, for all that we hold, track, discharge, restore, field, balance, execute, and proliferate is a result of our inherent magnanimous nature. Can this not be celebrated? Worshipped? Recognized within ourselves? Worth and gifts are allowed to take many different forms. How would it feel if every cell and fiber of your body actually believed and recalibrated to the very vibration that: The Mundane is E N O U G H. It is Essential. It is Life Sustaining. It is what Goddess created us to be, a gorgeous reflection of her. 

Pause for a moment and ponder, where would be without Mothers? Right. This shift in (re)creating reality is a practice, with time we come to realize that our Power Spot was a space we found outside of ourselves, whereas now we have the ability to deem our sacred vessel the Power Spot. After all, THIS is where all the ritual and ceremony happens now, right? We become the living Altar for ourselves and our children. Bringing one another lessons, wounds to heal, offerings, rituals, and ceremony after ceremony. Every moment can become sacred, if we allow it. The simply act or now ritual of drinking your tea, that which our body transforms into our blood, and then we see the alchemy pours from our breasts as the nourishment for our baby -THAT becomes the ritual that is post partum. YOU become THE ELEMENT to call upon to transmute, transform and recreate. Luckily we are forever post partum, so the magical metamorphic state that we are in, never ever ends.

Valerie Patroni-Sacred Birth Keeper and Midwife with Elemental Birth Rites

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