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Holistic Pregnancy :Empowered Birth Course

Have you experienced a miscarriage and feel like you still need help integrating your experience?


I have, twice actually, and I can admit they were two of the hardest personal experiences I have faced thus far in my life.  I have had much time to reflect on my experiences and the biggest challenges I can remember was how isolating it felt.  In a way, I think those particular experiences as rites of passage for me required me to face parts of myself I had never before encountered, that needed my inward attention.  It seems in my profession as a midwife, many couples keep their pregnancy private until they make it past the 1st trimester, when it is  80% more likely that they will experience a miscarriage.  Nevertheless, even with those statistics, the basic truth is that it is really hard when it happens to you, at any point in pregnancy.  I wanted to create this mini course as a way to support anyone who is trying to integrate a miscarriage experience and needs guidance.  I hope this supports you in whatever stage of grief you are at and helps you move forward in love.


I go to ritual as a way to support me to integrate most of my more challenging experiences as it helps me bring meaning to my life.  Check out my writings on ritual in the resources section to learn more about this powerful practice.  I was blessed enough during both my experiences of miscarrying to have loving support around me and to think to catch and set aside whatever tissues I passed during the birth of my pregnancy material.  This thought to hold on to my bodily output may be related to my profession as a midwife so if this doesn’t sound comfortable or doable for you, I fully support you and will talk more about other options later on.


After I was through the passing on of the pregnancy part of my first miscarriage, my partner and I went outside in the night and buried the tissues and sang a song and said prayers as we offered this little seedling back to the earth.  During my second experience, I was away from my partner, but luckily had amazing sisters around me, but I offered the tissues to the earth that time alone with some tobaccos and prayers.  For me, this physical act of offering the actual tissues to the earth helped me to connect to the physical loss of the form or body of my baby to be in a way that was helpful to my moving on.  I highly recommend this as the first step in integrating your loss but in the case that this didn’t cross your mind, is no longer possible, or  simply doesn’t resonate with you personally, do not worry, I will offer other suggestions to help you create a meaningful ritual to honor this ending.

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